Week 3; Cyber Dangers

cyber-safetyWe live in a world of rapid digital revolution with a new technological generation emerging ever so often. This digital revolution brings about numerous opportunities of communication, business and educational growth, opening a whole new cyber social world where interactions of all kind take place. However as many opportunities as the digital world presents as many harmful loops it hides, all it take is just one wrong click. From cyber bullying, to scams to identity theft, the amount of dangers hidden behind an attractive advertisement, a friendly email or a strange prize message are countless. As educators of digital natives, we need to be equipped with necessary digital knowledge that allows us to educate students on how best to make use of the extensive opportunities presented to them in the digital world. Therefore it  is very critical  to teach them how to safely manage their online data to avoid the inherited risks of the cyber world.cyber

Example of a cyber scam “>http://freethoughtblogs.com/ashleymiller/2013/04/24/scammers-on-craigslist/

Images retrieved from http://www.surveilstar.com/blog/cyber-safety-facts-and-tips/

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