Week 4; Digital divide info graphic

Digital DivideThis week’s task turned into an adventurous incident, in which the explored subject was actually experienced rather than researched. The task was to produce an info graphic on ‘digital divide’, a term which sets the line between those who have access to digital technology and those who do not. As there are political sanctions in my current location that also include digital isolation, web sites cannot be accessed, and an error code ‘as being geographically banned’ appears. Likewise online purchases from our location also bounce with an error message.

After extensive and long hours of work I was able to do my info graphic which I had to perform quickly under a small window of opportunity through the use of web shields. Content wise, My info graphic was similar to many of my class mates, however each had presented it in a unique way, and of course they presented theirs in the same week, while I never did as I finished it on the third week. This firsthand experience of digital divide highlights how those who are digitally isolated fall behind from the rest of the world.

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