Week 6; Digital Fluency

Digital Fluency, is the ability to locate, interpret, evaluate, understand, and easily navigate your way in the digital world. Being digitally fluent is having the skills and specialized knowledge to understand how the digital world works and to overcome usual digital obstacles found in the digital environment. Digital fluency is an integral part of our lives, as digital information dominates our world from personal lives, social, educational, to economical practices. Hence those without the required digital skills are increasingly disadvantaged and may even be isolated or unemployed.
As part of this week’s digital fluency task, we worked on a scratch, an animation program to build games and videos. At first I explored with a fantasy game where a wizard chases the princes and zaps her with his magic stick. However when I came to save, it wouldn’t save as I pressed “try it out” when logged into the program as opposed to creating an account. After losing my work I decided to do an underworld animation, for my original game involved much more scripting. This experience thought me to read instructions carefully in the digital world where data can be easily lost and cannot be physical held on.
Check out my scratch!


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