Week 5; Digital information

Digital information, a blessing or a curse?, digital information has presented us with many advantages during the last decades including improved corporate governance,and improved business with reduced costs. It continuous to be rapidly integrated into every part of our lives, that we have become too busy catching up, and rarely stop to use our brains and question. Think about the last time you calculated something in your head instead of using a calculator, or tried to remember an address instead of relying on a GPS, thought about your spelling mistake before clicking correct, or used your knowledge instead of Google. There are many advantages to the availability, speed, and efficiency of digital information, but what if for some crazy environmental or technical reason, where the earth’s magnetic or electronic field gets disturbed and damages the satellites causing our so reliable ‘digital information system’ to crash down permanently. In such case what is the alternative, could it be our brains? But wait, those have stopped working a long time ago. Digital information dependency has lead to the loss of knowledge at all levels, including mathematical, scientific, and even survival skills such as knowing direction, weather or time without using digital gadgets. Therefore is digital information a blessing or a curse?!

– Howell, J. (2012). Teaching With ICT. Australia: Oxford University Press.

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