Week 7; Virtual world and gaming in classrooms


Main%20Play%20Forum%20Logo%20Web2Virtual world is a computer-based simulated environment that replicates a real life situation, and may be used for educational means. There are many advantages in using virtual worlds including accessibility, cost and flexibility. For example the possibility of studying the structure of the pyramids through a virtual world is more feasible than traveling to Egypt. Virtual world education seems to be highly economic and effective,however it lacks human qualities such body language, intimacy, and the sense of smell and touch of the real world.

Gaming is another digital mean that can be used in a classroom to assist with education and development of certain skills. Games are highly engaging and motivating and may serve as an easy tool to get student attention in a classroom. There is a wide variety of games that help develop gross motor skills, such as WII Fit, for sporting games, others help develop fine motor skills, as well as games for educational purposes, such as9780717157167-201303121615261_fullsize mathematical games. Hence it is important for teachers to be current with gaming consoles to be able to make selective and considerable choices in order to achieve a learning outcome.
Check out the below site for examples of educational game.



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– Top left image retrieved from http://www.mansfieldplayforum.co.uk/
– Bottom right image retrieved from http://www.gillmacmillan.ie/childcare/childcare/early-childhood-curriculum1

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