Week 8; Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning is “…a continuously supportive process which stimulates and empowers individuals to acquire all the knowledge, values, skills and understanding they will require throughout their lifetimes and to apply them with confidence, creativity and enjoyment, in all roles circumstances, and environments.” (Watson 2003,para.3)In other words lifelong learning is an endless process of acquiring knowledge and skills from present experience that will help us to succeed in the future. Technology provides the best example of lifelong learning as it continuous to evolve imposing the constant need for new skills. This need for technological skills in addition to the world shift to globalization has raised the expectation of digital education, resulting in dynamic policy adjustments of the education system. Teaching the students to become lifelong learners is vitally important as it implants creativity, inventiveness and responsiveness in students, giving them the ability to adapt to new environments, technology, and industrial advances.

The below prezi is part of my lifelong learning journey, click on image to view!Oceania Project

– Watson, L. (2003). Lifelong Learning in Australia. Retrieved from http://www.llcq.org.au/01_cms/details.asp?ID=12
– Howell, J. (2012). Teaching With ICT. Australia: Oxford University Press.

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