Peer Feedback Response

Peer Marking Nour 2 

Peer Marking Nour

The peer marking activity we engaged in has been very useful as it provided an opportunity to receive critique on the progress of our work, allowing us a second chance to improve before the final marking. The feedback I received advised that;

–        I proof read my blog entries.

–        Revise my layout and incorporate some visual elements.

–        Some reflections do not relate to the educational field.

I agree with the first two points, as my blog entries did have some grammatical and spelling errors, also it was not visually appealing. However I disagree with the third point and believe that my entries are focused and relevant to the weekly learning. In a couple of the weekly reflections we were asked to choose a related subject to reflect on, and I realized that my choices were different to the two blogs I marked. Therefore maybe it is this difference in choices that raised the ‘out of focus ‘ critique.

In response to the feedback I made a few changes to the layout of my blog; I added pictures to the posts. However I couldn’t play much with the background colors as it required an upgrade.

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