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Peer Feedback Response

Peer Marking Nour 2  Peer Marking Nour The peer marking activity we engaged in has been very useful as it provided an opportunity to receive critique on the progress of our work, allowing us a second chance to improve before

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Week 8; Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning is “…a continuously supportive process which stimulates and empowers individuals to acquire all the knowledge, values, skills and understanding they will require throughout their lifetimes and to apply them with confidence, creativity and enjoyment, in all roles circumstances,

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Week 7; Virtual world and gaming in classrooms

  Virtual world is a computer-based simulated environment that replicates a real life situation, and may be used for educational means. There are many advantages in using virtual worlds including accessibility, cost and flexibility. For example the possibility of studying

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Week 6; Digital Fluency

Digital Fluency, is the ability to locate, interpret, evaluate, understand, and easily navigate your way in the digital world. Being digitally fluent is having the skills and specialized knowledge to understand how the digital world works and to overcome usual

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Week 5; Digital information

Digital information, a blessing or a curse?, digital information has presented us with many advantages during the last decades including improved corporate governance,and improved business with reduced costs. It continuous to be rapidly integrated into every part of our lives,

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Week 4; Digital divide info graphic

  This week’s task turned into an adventurous incident, in which the explored subject was actually experienced rather than researched. The task was to produce an info graphic on ‘digital divide’, a term which sets the line between those who

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Week 3; Cyber Dangers

We live in a world of rapid digital revolution with a new technological generation emerging ever so often. This digital revolution brings about numerous opportunities of communication, business and educational growth, opening a whole new cyber social world where interactions

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